secureall features

Emergency Call
  • Integrated U-Key and emergency call button
  • Mobile emergency call support anywhere within a facility
  • Software controlled false alarm protection
  • Dynamic connection to central security
  • Response time tracking & analysis
  • Integrated camera activation for emergency identification
  • Prevention of loss of life
  • Minimized personal injury
  • Opportunity for reduction in liability expense
  • Optimum efficiency from minimal false alarms
  • Unexcelled convenience in carrying and protection
  • Immediate visibility as to nature of emergency

Emergency call systems are readily available as standalone products from numerous suppliers. As such, they are a significant cost adder if an organization chooses to purchase and operate one. Because emergency call capability has been integrated into the SecureALL centrally controlled wireless system, the price to activate this function is a fraction of the cost of a standalone unit. In addition, most emergency call systems are fixed in place, i.e. an individual must first locate the E-call unit somewhere in a facility and then press the button to send an alarm to central security. The SecureALL E-call button is an integral part of the U-Key carried by everyone on campus. As such, if an emergency situation occurs, the U-Key holder can instantly press the button, calling for aid. Real-time access to an emergency call system could mean the difference between life and death or minor versus serious injury.

The small E-call push button has been designed into the U-Key. When pressed in rapid succession, it will communicate with routers installed throughout a campus. The exact location of the individual will be transmitted to central safety and if there is a camera within range, it will be activated and the cause of the E-call will be visible so safety officers can be immediately dispatched. The E-call button is recessed and the software is programmed to minimize false alarms.

It is also possible to incorporate “response time tracking” into the SecureALL system. This will allow supervisors to measure how quickly assigned individuals handle E-calls and whether it is within an acceptable timeframe. Improvement over time can also be tracked.

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