secureall features

Hands-free, Variable Distance Technology
  • One U-Key required for all portals
  • Access without metal keys, electronic cards or push buttons
  • No physical handling of a U-Key
  • Access distance determined by each portal
  • No line-of-sight requirement
  • User convenience maximized; no searching for U-Key in pocket or purse
  • Enhanced safety from hands-free access
  • In the event of an emergency, individuals can be quickly located
  • Liability expense minimized
  • Exclusive patented architecture

The same U-Key is capable of accessing an office or residence door at 2 feet, opening a garage gate at 75-100 feet, or being located within a facility at 300 feet. SecureALL’s exclusive patented variable distance architecture affords a U-Key holder this superior convenience. It is not necessary to carry a key ring with a plethora of keys for different portals. One U-Key is all that is needed. In addition, the U-Key does not have to be inserted, pointed, pressed or presented in order to function. It can be carried in a pocket, purse, briefcase, computer case, and the like. When the U-Key enters the “activation range” of the portal reader (which can be individually programmed), RF communication commences and if the U-Key is authorized for access, the portal automatically unlocks. The U-Key can also be located in a facility if the “tracker” function is turned on.

This capability provides superior safety as it is not necessary for an individual to put down what they are carrying and search for the correct key to open a specific door. This delay puts them in harm’s way as they could be accosted by a thief or molester. With hands-free access, as they approach a portal, unlocking grants immediate access. It is also a major help for physically challenged people who may use a walker or wheelchair, or be inflicted with arthritis or Parkinson's disease. Simply approaching the door is sufficient for access. No key manipulation of any kind is required, which may be difficult or impossible for them.

In addition to yielding better safety, the hands-free U-Key can improve efficiency in a work-place. With the SecureALL system, portals that would ordinarily be unlocked, because it is too costly or inconvenient to issue keys for those portals, can be locked. Individuals that do not have authorization will be kept out 24/7 but U-Key holders, with allowed access, will not even be aware the portal is locked as it automatically opens when approached, saving time and effort.

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