secureall features

Non-Motion Detection
  • Incapacitated individual detection and alarm
  • Integrated camera activation
  • Unlimited indoor / outdoor detection
  • Programmability to duration of inactivity
  • Isolates critical versus non critical situations
  • Extends the benefit of an E-call system
  • Minimizes possibility of wrongful death lawsuits
  • Opportunity for reduced insurance costs

Emergency call systems work well if an individual is conscious and aware of where they are. The integrated SecureALL E-call feature is one such system. However, all too frequently, individuals fall and hit their head, becoming unconscious. In that case, it is impossible for them to press the call button. The same may occur if the person has a stroke or heart attack. The SecureALL system has an integrated non-motion sensor built into the electronic U-Key. When an individual is motionless for an extended period of time (inactivity times are variable and programmed at the central server), an alarm is set off to notify central safety that someone is in trouble. If cameras are within range, they can be turned on to better assess the magnitude of the emergency and how to react.

This type of visibility is not available elsewhere as an integrated function. Activating this feature will minimize permanent injuries and wrongful deaths seen in headlines all too frequently. Insurance companies will be much more inclined to write reasonably priced policies when the SecureALL system is employed.

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