secureall system

Router Feature Summary
  • PoE energized
  • Battery back-up protection
  • Wireless reader connectivity
  • Multi-level encryption
  • Extreme low power, long range communication
  • Dynamic system oversight
  • Over-the-air firmware downloads
  • Complementary repeater product
  • No interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Router Benefits Summary
  • Guaranteed up time in power failures
  • Full facility coverage with minimal routers
  • Low cost system upgrades
  • Cell phone & email alarm capability
  • Maximum system security
  • Minimum cost with maximum coverage
  • Low cost architecture via repeaters
  • Current installed wireless systems need no modification
  • Minimal installation & maintenance expense

The router unit facilitates wireless communication to both U-Keys and readers. It is generally ceiling mounted in a camera-like dome and can transmit and receive information at a distance of 300 feet, depending on building structure. The router is connected to the central server via a building's LAN and is energized by Power over Ethernet (PoE). In most installations, routers are installed such that there is an overlap of coverage area, in case one of the units becomes non-functional. The others will pick up the load until repairs can be made.

The main function of the router is to download access control information to the readers from the central server. Once that is done, the router becomes a sentry, overseeing system performance and identifying if there is any fault condition, such as a low battery in a reader or U-Key. Notification of the problem can be sent to the central server and subsequently to the user's email or cell phone.

In addition to the ceiling mounted router, a small wall mounted version is also available that acts as a repeater for areas that cannot have the desired overlapping router coverage. The repeater unit is small and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet for easy, low-cost installation.

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