secureall features

Real-Time Lockdown
  • Sub-15 second lockdown - facility wide
  • Controlled from a single, central server
  • Any combination: doors, floors, buildings
  • Ad hoc or preconfigured combinations
  • Identical reverse lockdown flexibility
  • Single command execution with GUI verification
  • Fire & police access overrides
  • Optional “timed-duration” lockdown
  • No-charge standard feature
  • Superior loss-of-life prevention
  • Flexible levels of implementation
  • Simple systems management
  • Simple & complex lockdown flexibility
  • Multiple levels of safety and security
  • All personnel and resources protected
  • Superior performance over other systems
  • Liability expense minimized
  • No added cost for greater protection

SecureALL’s unified security control enables real-time lockdown capability. As every portal in an organization is controlled from a single central server unit, if an emergency condition occurs, central safety can lockdown part or all of a campus with the single press of a button. As opposed to many systems on the market that claim to have real time lockdown capability but actually take minutes or sometimes hours to complete, the SecureALL system takes just 15 seconds or less.

Administrators identify different levels of access capability during a lockdown so safety personnel still have access to all buildings while other users are locked out.

SecureALL also has a unique system feature called "Reverse Lockdown." In the event of an emergency within a building, if individuals are trapped and do not have access to normal exit routes, system administrators can unlock portals that would ordinarily be locked and allow people to exit.

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