secureall features

Staff Activity Monitoring
  • Verifies U-Key holder compliance with business rules
  • Business rules defined by time frames and location
  • U-Key holder noncompliance alarm and reporting
  • Internal and external building capability
  • Visual mapping availability
  • Ensures personnel compliance with performance requirements
  • Enables proactive management intervention to critical situations
  • Prevents high-risk injury, security and safety violations
  • Implements facility-wide monitoring
  • Optimizes efficient utilization of resources

Owners and executives of retirement homes want to ensure that residents are safe and have a good quality of life. Unfortunately, it is impossible for them to be everywhere and observe how the staff is treating the paying customers. All too often, quality of care is below standard. It is not until a major problem arises or a state inspection identifies shortcomings which must be corrected that serious issues come to light, frequently too late.

The SecureALL system is the extra eyes and ears that management must have. The tracking system can be used to set up "business rules," defined by the facility, to ensure that the staff is doing their job at the required level. Both staff and residents carry their electronic key at all times, which is not only used for access control, but to identify movement throughout the facility during the day.

As an example, if a resident is supposed to be bathed three days a week at 2pm, the system will monitor that both the staff member and resident are in the shower room at that time. If a resident is heavy and requires two people to assist with bathing, the system will monitor to ensure both are there. If one fails to show up, notification will be sent to the central nurses' station and/or management's computer, so the problem can be corrected real time.

Family members are always concerned that their parents are being fed. Today, facilities use manual recordkeeping to check that residents are at each meal. Frequently they miscount, which puts them in jeopardy. With the SecureALL electronic key, as soon as a resident enters the dining area, they are automatically logged. If the resident fails to show up at the expected time, the staff will be notified and sent to bring the individual to that meal.

If a resident requires special care of any kind, this typically costs the family additional fees, a lucrative revenue generator for the business. All the extra care will be tracked and stored in the SecureALL computer system as a record that the correct care was given in a timely fashion. This can be given to the family if the family believes there is a discrepancy. If an unforeseen situation arises and the resident's condition turns for the worst, if a wrongful death suit is brought about by the family, the SecureALL records will be proof in court that proper care was administered. This will also reduce liability insurance premiums.

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