secureall features

Theft Detection & Asset Tracking
  • Detection of unauthorized asset removal
  • Readers and trackers work in tandem
  • Multi-layer encryption
  • Cameras activated during asset theft
  • Low frequency protection from theft utilizing metal enclosures
  • Spoof-proof and hack-proof access
  • New level of theft prevention provided
  • Superior capability over other RFID systems
  • Asset insurance liability minimized
  • Major cost cuts from theft & vandalism

One of the biggest problems in group-work and group-living environments is theft. There are several things that contribute to this epidemic. The first is leaving portals unlocked that lead to rooms with items of value. This situation occurs most frequently when it is too costly or inconvenient to issue keys to all those that require access. As a result, anyone can enter the room and walk off with whatever is not tied down. Second is using metal keys or magnetic cards for portal access. There is no way to trace who entered a room via a metal key. Magnetic cards can be easily copied, making it a snap to gain entrance and pillage without being able to clearly identify the perpetrator. Third is having assets in public, unsecured areas such as a big screen, flat panel TV set in a building lobby. These can sprout legs at night and disappear.

The SecureALL system controls these three problems. With cost effective, battery operated reader units on each portal and everyone in an organization carrying a U-Key, entrances can be locked 24/7, keeping those without permission from gaining access. Individuals that are allowed entry will have their U-Key ID logged and stored when any portal is unlocked, clearly identifying who was in a room when the theft occurred. The SecureALL system uses end-to-end multi-layer encryption making it impossible to duplicate a U-Key ID or hack a lock.

This same electronic key can be discreetly affixed to a high value asset located in an unsecured area, thus preventing theft. If the asset is moved from its permanent location without authorization, the closest reader units will start to communicate with the asset U-Key, sending an alarm to central security. At that point, tracker units in the building can be turned on (or they can be automatically programmed to turn on during off hours as added security) and cameras in the area activated so security can identify who is moving the equipment and where it is going. The appropriate people can be immediately dispatched, preventing the asset from leaving the building and apprehending the culprit.

One of the biggest shortcomings of current RFID asset tracking systems is the ability to enclose the electronic key in a metal enclosure to make tracking inoperable. This occurs because the communication frequency of the system is high and cannot penetrate a metal barrier. The SecureALL system incorporates multi-frequency technology, making it impossible to defeat asset tracking with a metal casing.

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