secureall features

Wandering Detection
  • Real-time wandering detection and alarm using U-Key/tracker combination
  • Detection not limited to periphery
  • Programmable alarm time and locations by resident
  • Integrated floor maps facilitate locations
  • Very long U-Key battery life via extreme low power communication
  • Wandering parameters tailored to individual resident
  • Facility wide flexibility
  • Maximum staff response effectiveness
  • Wrongful deaths & permanent injuries minimizesd
  • Insurance premium reduction opportunity

As seniors get on in years, they tend to lose track of time with days and nights becoming mixed. This leads to a serious problem for retirement communities. Residents are dressed and ready for the day's activities in the middle of the night. They wander around the hallway, going undetected by staff personnel. Clearly, this puts them in harm's way as they can fall down, lose their balance going down stairs, or be accosted by another individual.

There are systems on the market today which prevent residents from leaving a facility. If they have the appropriate transmitter on their person, as an outside door is approached, the door automatically locks and an alarm is set off to alert the staff.

There are a number of problems with this type of system. No one is made aware of an individual wandering until they actually reach an exit. They may wander for hours. The longer they are undetected, the greater the chance for physical harm. If the transmitter they carry loses battery power, the system fails (most have a very short battery life- approximately three months) and doors remain open allowing them to leave the facility.

SecureALL solves this problem with its integrated tracking capability. When trackers are activated, as soon as a resident leaves their room during a pre-determined time (for example 10pm-6am), an alarm is immediately generated at the central nurses' station, including a map that identifies the individuals location. The staff is then capable of putting them back in their room before they get hurt.

Real-time detection, offered by the SecureALL system, reduces the significant liability that retirement homes currently have as a result of this wandering problem.

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